All of our products are carefully created by hand in Muskoka with a unique blend of the highest potency natural & scientific cosmeceutical ingredients available. Our products are free of parabens, sls, wheat & gluten as well as harsh chemicals & fragrances. We use ECOCERT certified ingredients. We are sustainably beautiful. CLICK TO BROWSE OUR SHOP

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"Lavender is lovely indeed. The sweet smell and calming aroma is simply delightful. Lavender is a unique creation from above and people from ancient times turned to this plant for its amazing health properties. It has been in use for many centuries and has gained a reputation around the globe for its array of wonderful healing benefits. It can be used in a variety of different ways from skincare to culinary to mental health and the list goes on. We use Lavender in all of our hand crafted creations along with many other unique botanicals, extracts, & cosmeceuticals. All of our products are made with a little piece of "Lavender Love" and we hope you will enjoy our Lavender products as much as we enjoy creating them!"